Tim Moss survives ‘Death Ride’

Tim Moss survived the ‘Tour of the Californian Alps’, otherwise known as the ‘Death Ride’, in August. This was his second successful attempt, having completed it a few years earlier.

Seen right, cresting Carson Pass, the final climb, he has 30 miles of predominantly downhill to the finish in Markleeville,

The ride took in 3 major climbs of Monitor, Ebbetts and Carson Pass itself, linking the Sacramento Valley in California to Carson City in Nevada and climbng over the crest of the ‘Sierra Nevada’ spine with it’s staggering ragged volcanic skyline. The pass is named for Kit Carson and with the other climbs, added up to 15000 feet of climbing for Tim on the 129 mile ride.

The build up to the event didn’t go exactly to plan as American Airlines managed to lose his bike and luggage. After a nervous couple of days he was reunited with all his kit which was located in Tampa, Florida.

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