Whilst our weekly club rides are core to what we do, there are many other adventures & rides that are organised – trips abroad, away days, mini bike packing trips, ad-hoc rides, gravel adventures…. the list goes on. One of the big benefits of joining a cycling club are the friendships and connections you’ll make with other like-minded riders, which opens up a world of possibilities for you and your bike. From exploring local roads you may never have come across before, to setting out further afield, your horizons will be widened. Club members have got together to organise a wide range or adventures recently, including:

  • “Away days” – rides starting/finishing somewhere other than Wakefield. Riders get together to share transport, driving out to different locations, allowing them to ride new areas without having to cover large distances on the bike. Recent away days have gone from Beverley to Spurn Point, and from Boroughbridge to Masham.
  • “Mini Bike-Pack” – in 2023 a small group went from Wakefield to Whitby, stopping overnight at the Youth Hostel (and for Fish & Chips of course) before riding back the following day (with an optional ride up Rosedale Chimney!). All that was needed was a bikepacking saddlebag, a few cafe stops and lots of suncream. The 2024 trip is headed from Wakefield to Hawes & back the following day – with twice as many coming along this time.
  • Sportives & charity rides. Groups of our riders have entered organised events together, including the Wolds Way Cycle Challenge and the Selby 3 Swans.
  • Coast to Coast. For the past couple of years, groups of riders have completed the coast to coast in a day, in fact some took it a step further and rode Wakefield to Morecambe, then did the C2C, then rode back from Whitby to Wakefield – making for a pretty epic 3 days of cycling!
  • Overseas adventures. Recent trips organised by members have included Mallorca, Portugal, France and South Africa!
  • Ad-hoc & gravel rides – Riders will often post a message on our WhatsApp group to see if anyone fancies a spin out with some company. These aren’t restricted to tarmac, and groups often take advantage of the tracks and trails around the area for a change of scenery & some unexpected local treats. Adventures don’t need to be far afield, you’d be surprised by what’s on your doorstep!