New Officials elected at AGM

The list of Officials for 2012/2013 listed below were elected at a very well attended AGM at Ossett Town FC Club on Wednesday evening, 7th November. Changes from last years list are highlighted.

Contact official if you have any questions, ideas, proposals or concerns. Contact Details 

New recorder, Martin Price, left (on the Calder Hill Climb) is now collecting trophies presented last year. 

Club annual subscription has increased from £1 to £4. National Clarion subscription remains at £6. 

New members joining after September each year will receive membership to 31st December the following year.
Jonny Croston is the membership secretary. He’ll be chasing ‘subs for 2013 soon. All new membership applications to Jonny or any club official who can pass them on to Jonny.

Discussion about the format, size and venue for the annual prize presentation were inconclusive. Topics included Formal dinner or buffet, formal or informal venue from plush hotel to village halls, inclusion of a disco, inclusion of elements suitable for Go-Ride youngsters, families and older members. 

Lee Thortersen C Coordinator (White Shirt, Red
flashing) & Steve Burton Runs Captain (Calder Top)  
If you have any ideas or comments, please contact Social secretary Jean Burton who is grappling with the dilemma of how to accommodate a potentially high demand, given the large increase in Membership.

Heated discussion took place about the club run formats. Particularly the nature of the rides, the pace they go at and ‘segragation’ of A and B runs. It was agreed that the A run should cater for those wanting a fast training ride and the the B run would be more steady state with a medium pace and a goal of riding more as a group whenever possible.

Numbers have risen on the C runs and the feeling was that the leaders and coordinator, Lee Thortersen, had the C ride just about right. 

It was agreed that that A and B continue to start from the same location, but that a time gap be introduced with the A runners starting first. One idea was for A and B to head for the same cafe stop by different routes and rendezvous there so that any riders struggling on the A ride could ride back with the B run and on the B run who could return with the A ride if the B run was too steady for them.

It was agreed to continue to affiliate with Yorkshire Cycling Federation after a proposal to drop it, when Ron Trueman, who organises a time trial, pointed out that if YCF ceased to exist, Yorkshire would lose 11 Open time trials, including the only remaining 100 in the county. There was strong support voiced by Nick Firth and Paul Gittins.

There was strong support for the Go-Ride initiative. Rob Hudson presented a report on progress so far. There was no objection of proposals to continue and indeed look to expand, which needs an increase in financial support and manpower.

President George Masson
Chairman Tom McGhie. (Tom Takes over from Cliff Kettlewell)
Secretary Andrew Spittlehouse
Membership Secretary Jonny Croston
Treasurer Tom McGhie
Club Runs Captain Steve Burton
Welfare Officer Susan Hancock
Coaching/Go Ride Rob Hudson
Publicity/Go Ride Tom Butler
Social Secretary Jean Burton
Recorder Martin Price (Martin takes over from Tim Moss)
Web Site Richard Hancock
Time Trials Secretary Richard Hancock
Road Race Secretary Mark Burgess
Cyclo Cross Secretary Paul Milsom (Pending confirmation)

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