National Clarion Challenge Series 2013

Clarion Challenge Series 2013
The National Committee have decided to coordinate and promote a series of challenge events for 2013. If it’s a success, it will be promoted annually.

The aim is to promote Clarion member participation in Clarion section promoted distance challenge rides which can be Sportives, Reliability rides or Audax events.

They wish to encourage as many members as possible to compete in other Clarion events and will award those who do so with a medal; complete 2 events for a Bronze Medal, 3 for Silver and 4 for Gold. 

Should anyone complete all events, then they will receive  a Gold medal and a free Clarion road jersey.

Sun 10 March 2013     RAD Tour – 7 castles of West Lothian (West Lothian Clarion)
Sun 31st March 2013   Scarborough Easter Audax/Reliability Ride (Yorkshire Coast Clarion)
Sun 7th April 2013       Enfer Du Saddleworth (Saddleworth Clarion)
Sun 1st September      100 & 200k Audax   Vineyards & Windmills  (Calder Clarion)
Sun 22nd September   Wizard and Llamas Audax    (North Cheshire Clarion Audax) 
 Sun 29th September   Nene-Valley Sportive Cambs, Northants  etc. (Fenland Clarion)

Should other sections be promoting similar events and want to be included, please contact Ian Clarke on with details as soon as possible.

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