Lee Fisher – Charity Ride

Lee Fisher on right at Dewsbury-Bridlington Start
(from Charity web site)
 New member Lee Fisher, from Crofton, has come a long way in a short time since he joined Calder.He came via the Saturday Health rides and has quickly graduated to club runs and time trials.

On Sunday 5th August he completed the Dewsbury to Bridlington ride in aid of Dewsbury Ambulance charities, not without mishaps.

Here’s Lee’s account……

Sunday 5th August 2012 I took part in my first ever organised cycle ride, a charity ride to Bridlington from Dewsbury Ambulance Station in aid of the Dewsbury Ambulance Charities.
Advertised as a 77 mile ride I managed to make it 80 by getting lost in Brid and going the wrong way down a one way street (thank goodness for pavements !!)
As ever, I was highly organised deciding to phone up the afternoon before to see if I could turn up on the day. Needless to say my over excitement at being allowed in, along with my totally inadequate foresight led to a situation where I landed in Brid after 4hrs and 14 mins armed only with my bike, the cycling gear I had on and thankfully “my flexible friend”. Finding that most other people had a change of clothes and with over 5 hours to kill I managed to fill the void by spending the best part of an hour and half walking round in my socks looking for sports shops and £120 later being kitted out in the best pair of trainers and tracksuit that Brid had to offer – obviously translated as £50 to the missus 🙂  this was followed by the obligatory fish and chips in the tattiest backstreet café I could find, but I did end up with two free newspapers that passed another hour or so.
The ride itself was very enjoyable, pretty flat with just a couple of minor hills and took in the sights of Sherburn, Pocklington and Driffield, finishing at a different part of Bridlington Harbour to the one I sought out. I nearly had a fight with a combine Harvester on the A64 as well but decided to let him win.
The weather was perfect and as I chatted to one or two people en route it was clear that Calder Clarion is regarded as an excellent club by wider circles and we received some very good comments which was pleasing.
All in all a great day, although it would have been that bit more perfect had the £120 been on cycling gear !!   

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