Annual Dinner and Prize Presentation 2013

The biggest cheers of the night at the Annual Dinner and Prize Presentation were reserved for Jack O’Boyle who was the winner of the Junior Best All Rounder Shield and Graham Price who took the covetted Sturgess Trophy.

Jack O’Boyle receives the Junior Best All Rounder
Shield from Martin Price

The event was held on the 23rd February at Sandal

 Rugby Union Club. It was a Sit Down Buffet, ably organised by Social Secretary Jean Burton

Martin Price, the new Recorder’s presentation was quite slick, and he was aided by Tom McGhie, Steve Burton and Sophie McGhie who was in charge of the photography. 

Apart from the serious business of making the awards, there was the usual hillarious interlude culminating in the award of the Golden Spanner to Michael Vennard for most mechanical mishaps.
Michael was also the main recipient of the serious awards winning the 25 and 50 mile TT Championships, Most Improved Rider and a Gold Medal in the Club Standards 

There were 8 Club Standard Gold Medallists, 3 Silver Medallists and 3 Bronze Medallists, achieved over 3 events with 20 receiving Gold, Silver or Bronze Certificates for One event.
10 Mile TT Championship
1st = Tom Butler 24:24
2nd = Matthew Dodsworth 24:25
3rd = Michael Vennard 24:55

10 Mile TT Handicap
1st = Helen Mann 22:01 (Handicap Time)
2nd = Lee Thorterson 22:35
3rd = Gareth Price 22:36

10 Mile Vet on Standard
1st = Kev Watson +3:22
2nd = Steve Ward +2:36
3rd = Nick Firth +2:19

25 Mile TT Championship
1st = Michael Vennard 57:50
2nd = Jonny Croston 1:00:11
3rd = Rob Hudson 1:01:43

25 Mile TT Handicap
1st = Paul Lee 53:57 (Handicap Time)
2nd = Andrew Spittlehouse 55:40
3rd = Jonny Croston 56:31

25 Mile Vet on Standard
1st = Cheryl Truman +14:10
2nd = Michael Vennard +10:00
3rd = Paul Lee +6:28

50 Mile TT Championship
1st = Michael Vennard 2:03:43

New Years Day 5 mile TT
1st = Jonny Croston = 15:25
2nd = Mark Burgess = 16:34
3rd = Michael Vennard = 16:35

Hill Climb Championship

1st = Rob Hudson 2:56

2nd = Matthew Dodsworth 3:01
3rd = Mark Burgess 3:03
Sturgess Trophy
1st = Graham Price
2nd = Tom Butler 
3rd = Michael Oldfield
Senior Road Race Champion
Mark Burgess
Senior Cyclocross Champion
Paul Milsom
Ladies Best All Rounder 
Cheryl Truman
Most Improved Rider
Michael Vennard
Awarded for improvements at 10, 25 & 50 mile TT.
Club Man of the Year 
Richard Hancock
Awarded for services to Go Ride, Time Trial events and the club web site
Club Runs Award
John Wriglesworth
WAYS Week Trophy
Ian Michelson (Wakefield Tri Club)
Junior Best All Rounder
Jack O’Boyle
Awarded for best average on 3 10mile TT
Club Standards Champion
1 Cheryl Trueman
2 Kevin Watson
3 Michael Vennard

Club Standard Gold Medallists (for 3 events)
Cheryl Truman
Kevin Watson
Michael Vennard
Paul Gittins
Tom Butler
Martin Price
Nick Firth
Jonny Croston
Club Standard Silver Medallists (for 3 events)
Rob Hudson
Mark Burgess
Paul Lee
Matthew Dodsworth
Club Standard Bronze Medallists (for 3 events)
Andrew Spittlehouse
James Colle
Helen Mann
Club Standard Gold Certificate (for 1 event)
Nick Griffiths
Jenny Latham
Geogre Massom
Sean Turner
Steve Ward
Club Standard Silver Certificate (for 1 event)
Matt Churm
Andy Ingham
Carl Lindop 
Steve Tibbs 
Club Standard Bronze Certificate (for 1 event)
Tony Anderson
Fleminiar Christian
Lee Fisher
Richard Hancock
Graham Price
Lee Thortersen
Matt Wales 
Martin Watson 
Kyle Wells 
Graham West
John Wriglesworth

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  1. Rebecca Croston

    2014 club dinner and presentation evening is Saturday 22nd Feb. At sandal rugby club again. Email invitations will be out soon. £15 per person.

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