Annual Dinner and Prize Presentation Capri Horbury Bridge 2012

Matthew & Tom Butler
The annual dinner and prize 
presentation was held on the 
18th February at the Capri, 
Horbury Bridge. The event 
was organized by Jean Burton

A food took the form of a hot Italian
 Style buffet followed by the awards.
 The alternative awards took a little
 longer than usual as there 
were 9 recipients.

Award winners were: 
10 Miles TT Championship.
1. Matt Dodsworth 25.50
2. Michael Vennard 25.53
Ron and Cheryl  (Women’s BAR) Trueman
3. Rob Hudson 25.57
1 Handicap Rob Hudson 25.57
2 Handicap Matt Brooks 31.46
3 Handicap Scott Kelly 29.00
1 Vets Kevin Watson +1.46
2 Vets Michael Vennard +1.01
3 Vets Tom Butler +0.06
25 Mile TT Championship
1. Kevin Watson 1.00.50
2. Paul Lee 1.03.33
3. Andrew Spittlehouse 1.03.46

Women’s Best All Rounder

1 Cheryl Trueman 20.50 mph

Amanda & Kevin Watson
WMSC Trophy

1. Matt Dodsworth 25.07

Hill Climb Championship

1. Matt Dodsworth 2.57.5
2. Martin Proce 3.02.4

3. Matt Churm 3.07.2

Sturgess Trophy

1. Matt Dodsworth 84 points
2.Michael Vennard 82 points

3. Paul Lee 66 points

Cyclo Cross Trophy Paul Milsom

Matt Dodsworth
Most Improved Matt Dodsworth
Club Runs Tom MCGhie

Club Member of the Year Leslie Gilliland

Albert Denbigh Trophy Richard Hancock
A new trophy was presented to the 
club recently by Geoff Whitley to go 
to the fastest ride in the New 
Years day 5.

Geoff Whitley New Years Day 5 mile trophy 
Jonny Croston 15.15

Jim Blankley and Carl Lindop

Calder Standard Awards Medals  
Kevin Watson. 101 points & Gold Medal 
Michael Vennard 86 pts & Silver Medal 
Jonny Croston 85 pts & Silver Medal
Andrew Spittlehouse 84 pts & Silver
Martin Price 82 pts & Silver Medal
Matt Dodsworth 78 pts & Bronze
Tom Butler 64 pts & Bronze Medal
Paul Lee 63 pts & Bronze Medal
Carl Lindop 40 pts & Bronze Medal

The Hillarious Alternative awards 
were presented by Steve Burton and
Elaine & Scott Kelly and Brian Stott
 these included:
Compass and Map to Tom McGhie 
for leading the Club Run astray
on the ride to Hebden Bridge.

A pair of plus twos and flat cap went to
 Michael Vennard, suitable 1930s attire for his 
fixie rides.

A Frankenstein Award for most gruesome
 crash to Kevin Watson. A day or two 
Brian & Sue Stott, Jean Hall, Tim Moss, 
Steve Burton
after he’d been knocked
 off by a lady driver at Nostell,
 he frightened Jean Burton when
 he knocked on her door with a 
face covered in cream and rashes.

A pair of Solid Tyres for Matt Dodsworth 
who had a lot of punctures this year

Pills to aid memory loss after Martin
 Price left his expensive rear wheel at
 the finish of the Calder Hill Climb.

‘One Shot Energy’for Carl Lindop 
because he admitted  to being
towed back to the bunch by 
an 80 year old cycle tourist who’d just been
 passed by the club run as Carl was being 
Steve & Eileen Swift and Norma Clayton
dropped climbing away from 
Towton Battlefield

A pair of knee supports for Jimmy Blankley
 who has regularly been heard complaining
 about his knees quite, but only when he’s 
had to get up in the pub when it was
 his turn to buy a round.
The prestigious Golden Spanner Award went to 
Richard Hancock who lost his left crank on 
a Tuesday Ride because he forgot 
to apply the lock nut.

Photographs by George Masson

Matt Churm (with Claire obscured),
 Jonny Croston & Rebecca . 

Michael Vennard (reaching for trophy).
 Martin Price looks on
Peter Milsom with son Paul’s 
Cyclo Cross Trophy
 and Leslie Gilliland

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