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Rules for Under 18s

Riders participating in Club Runs 


Calder Clarion Cycling Club welcomes membership from anyone interested in the sport. We do however recognise the additional care and
responsibilities for those young riders under the age of 18. We require that parents or guardians of those over the age 12 and under18 years wishing to participate in any club rides abide by these rules and where appropriate complete the parental consent form. We base our rules on the guidelines issued by British Cycling.

1. Those aged under 12 are not allowed on a club ride on the open highway.

2. Those aged 12 to 15 are required to have an accompanying adult rider(aged 18 or over) with them throughout each ride. This can be
any number of nominated persons (family, friend or anyone else deemed fit by the parent/guardian) but they must be accompanied by at
least one on any club ride and have completed the parental consent form.

3. Those aged 16 and 17 may ride without an accompanying adult but they must complete the parental consent form
Young riders may, like all new to the club, undertake a maximum of 3 club rides prior to joining but the rules 1-3 above still apply.

Issued by Calder Clarion cycling club Committee
28th March 2016