Sturgess Trophy 2009

Ian Broadley, won the 2009 Sturgess Trophy in his first attempt by 8 points
from Jim Blankley with Peter Howard taking 3rd Place. The Trophy held 
over the summer evening 10 mile time trial season rewards improvement
and consistency. 

Jim Blankley’s 2nd place was a fine effort as he also fulfilled his role of
event organiser for the summer series. Apart from ensuring that
timekeepers and marshalls were available and overseeing the entries, 
Jim also took out the event signposts and secured them before the event. 

Ian Broadley

 1 Ian Broadley 94 pts
 2 Jim Blankley 86
 3 Peter Howard 76
 4 Andrew Spittlehouse 67
 5 Kevin Watson 65
 6 Chris Johnson 62
 7 Ian Cooke 37
 8 George Masson 30
 9 Matthew Dodsworth 23
10 Ben Cooke 21
11 Paul Lee 20
12 Scot Kelly 3
12 Martin Price 3

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