Peter Howard in Olympic Torch Relay

Peter Howard – Gold Medal in Australia

Calder member Peter Howard has received confirmation of a place in the Olympic torch relay. His slot is at Headingley on the 24th June. The relay will be passing through Wakefield on it’s way to the new Olympic stadium.

A recent press release quoted:

A Lifetime in Sport:

Peter Howard Time Trialing in 2011
As a schoolboy in the 1950s Peter was enthusiastically taking part in Football, Running but especially Cycling. Winning events on the track, road racing and time trials, he achieved 1 hour for 25 miles and 2 hours for 50 miles.
          Then he followed a career in Youth and Community Service, spending many years encouraging young people to participate in activity at the expense of his own performances.

          By 1980 as an overweight smoker he needed a new direction,. Along came the start of the health and exercise wave. Although it took two years of determined effort to give up smoking, Peter started cycling again and achieved similar times to those of 30 years before.

         When the challenge of Triathlon came to England, Peter took to it like a duck to water, except he could not swim properly and had to take lessons; now he is one of the fastest in his age group.
        The sport of Triathlon was in its infancy but developed rapidly with Peter forming the first Tri club in the Yorkshire area. He was involved in regional development, coaching, event organising and team management. He served on the Triathlon National Executive and was its chairman for several years, representing Great Britain as a delegate at European and International Triathlon Congresses.
        Throughout that time he continued to compete very successfully in his age group, winning World Masters, European and World titles.He participated at all distances every year in his age group from the age of 50.
       Fast forward to the present, now 78, Peter has possibly the record for the most successful male triathlon age group competitor in Britain. This is remarkable considering he required breaks over the years with a blood problem, knee surgery and prostrate surgery, all of them threatening to end his triathlon career. However, each time a threat loomed, he fought back and in 2011 he won the European Gold while suffering from Prostrate cancer.
        He has been awarded life membership of his local cycling club Calder Clarion and Wakefield Triathlon Club and he received the Gold Pin from British Triathlon for outstanding contributions to Triathlon sport.
        Most days Peter can still be seen in the local gym, always available to give help and advice. He is hoping to compete this year, although at reduced distances, in spite of undergoing treatment for prostrate and bone cancer. He’s an example to young and old in never giving up and being willing to try something new.

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