New Transition Group Rides

Calder Clarion, Wakefield’s oldest cycling club, will fling its doors open to those who want to transfer from “leisure cycling” to “club cycling” with the formation of a Transition Group.

Recognising that the arrival of the Tour de France in Yorkshire will spark an upsurge in interest in cycling Calder Clarion will be starting the new group to take leisure cyclists up to the distance and pace to enjoy traditional club runs.

Committee member Mike Hopkins said, “Having been a new member myself recently I recognise that its not easy to change from riding 25 miles at leisure to riding twice that distance in a group of up to 20 riders. Its not just the distance, it’s the riding skills and etiquette that needs to be understood!”

The new group will initially meet on alternate Thursday evenings but as distances build up this may switch to Sunday. Distances will build up slowly as will speeds so as to accommodate riders as they slowly improve and get used to riding in a group. Numbers will be limited to 6-8 at first and it is expected to take about 6 sessions to get up to “club ride” standard.

Anyone interested in finding out more please contact Mike Hopkins at: or 07801 981308

Mike plans that the transition rides will handle any upsurge in interest from the Tour in Yorkshire by improving the fitness and riding skills of those new to road cycling which initially may not match the needs to join the existing Calder Clarion groups. Fortnightly will build distances from 25 miles up to 65 miles in gradual increments of eg 10 miles per session. There will be advice covering riding in groups and “etiquette”. Riders should progress to the full club rides in 2-3 months. Once the group has been taken through then the transition rides will start again with a new group of 6 to 12 riders. 

Mike needs volunteers from the club to help him organise rides and with guidance etc.

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