Mountain Bike Orienteering

Martin Vesty recently become the Chairman of BMBO, the governing body for Mountain Bike Orienteering in the UK.

BMBO are hoping to spread the word further about their sport to all cyclists. 

The sport is still quite a small sport with approximately 6000-7000 rides in events per year across 90-100 events, but with many new activities with sponsors and publicity this year they hope that this will grow. See the website

BMBO cater for all ages and abilities from 12 years old upwards. They also have GB representation in International events at World and European events.

They are affiliated to British Orienteering and appeal to Cyclists and Orienteers alike. Most competitors are very outdoor “activities” driven people


As a not for profit organisation BMBO are hoping to link up with organisations like Calder Clarion to help raise awareness on their websites. They also have a national store having leaflets in selected stores. 

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