Dark Peak Sportive Recce Ride

Wakefield Hospice have made a request to Calder Clarion for some of our riders to reconnoitre the Dark Peak Sportive route which will also be a publicity opportunity for the event. The recce ride will be on Sunday 8th August starting at 9.00am from the Hospice where there will be a ‘photo call’ by the Wakefield Express. 

The Hospice is at the top of Stanleyberg on Aberford Road. If you’re interested in joining the ride then please let  Michael Vennard (michael5@ymail.com) or Jonny Croston (jcroston@wyjs.org.uk) know, otherwise just turn up.

The ride, led by Michael Vennard will be at ‘Traditional’ club run pace or slower with cafe stops at Glossop and Langsett as the ride is indented for all of club run ability riders.

Michael hopes that we should make an effort to showcase club riding. Which means riding as a cohesive group, all doing our fair share on the front without bouncing off up the road. It’ll be uncomfortable at times to stay together, but worth it to help everyone get round.

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