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The 18th May edition of the Wakefield Express was a bumper issue for cycling with no less than five articles appearing. One complete page of the busy sports section was dedicated to cycling despite a busy weekend of sport including a lot going on in the local sport scene and the coverage of Wakefield Trinity Wildcats match against Warrington Wolves and the Wakefield Gym Clubs return from Russia with Rachel Letsche winning the European Tumbling Championship Gold medal.

The coverage whilst worth celebrating was twinged with sadness as one of the features was a tribute to our late Chairman Keith Kettlewell.

The Full Page features Wakefield Cycling Club’s John May Memorial Road Race on Heath Common, won by Danny Lowthorpe (Langsett Cycles) with a photograph of Wakefield’s John Wright presenting Lowthorpe with the winner Trophy. 

There’s also a feature on 16 year old Oliver Wood from Wrenthorpe, a member of the British Olympic Development Programme and a member of the Sportscover squad. 

Also prominent on the cycling page another Sportscover rider, Adam Duggleby, who set the course record of 21:57 on calder’s new 10mile TT course on 9th May, a night of atrocious wet weather.

There’s also a photograph of Tom Butler climbing one of the many sharp Pennine climbs in Saddleworth Clarion’s L’Enfer du Norde event. Tom is shown leading Saddleworth legendary tweeter “Emu of Toledu” with Calder’s Jonny Croston and Michael Vennard further down the hairpin. 

Wakefield born, Huddersfield Town Chairman Dean Hoyle’s charity ride to Wembley featured in the Express. He’s raising £45,000 to get free tickets for 1000 disadvantaged children to watch the 1st Division play off final between Huddersfield and Sheffield United at Wembly.  

Two events involved Wakefield Cycle Forum and some Calder members. A time trial relay at Thornes Park Stadium for people of all ages and abilities was part of London 2012 Inspire programme enabling people to join in with the Olympics. 

The Rotary Club of Wakefield organised a Scootathon for a number of charities. The event took the form of a fun run by bike or scooter. There was also a session teaching Bike Skills and the Bike Doctor.

Saddleworth Clarion’s L’Enfer du Norde
Evening 10 Results (including 9th May Event.

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