Annual Dinner and Prize Presentation Dimple Wells Ossett 2006

Full House at the Dimple Wells Lodge Hotel

The annual dinner and prize presentation was held on the 4th February at the Dimple Wells Lodge Hotel, Ossett. Organized by Jean Burton, the event took place in surrounding’s enhanced by John Clayton’s artistic creations (see ceiling rose and coving below). 

The biggest attendance for years were entertained by a ‘riveting’ explanation of the Annual Sturgess Trophy by George Masson. 

George also read out a poem, ‘The Clarion Riders Creed’, penned by Jean Hall. It was then the turn of the Annual prizewinners to be awarded their medals and trophies.More highlights followed with the ‘Alternative Awards’ presented by Steve Burton who created much hillarity when Steve Swift was awarded a new training aid, a Catheter Bag…don’t ask.  Details and Photographs 

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