A dead deer On Safari Peak Audax

Start of a Peak Audax in Cheadle. 
Courtesy Peak Audax

Four Calder Clarionistas: Tom Butler, Jonny Croston, Matt Dodsworth and Michael vennard rode the Peak Audax ‘Cheshire Safari’ on Sunday 13th November, with a 100 mile flatish route and a great November day’s riding.

Starting from the Cheadle HQ at 8.00am the route meanders across the Cheshire plain, taking in Tatton Park before heading out through Frodsham to the famous Eureka cycling cafe at Two Mills on the Wirral for a stop and efuelling. Mugs of tea have been served with beans on toast for over 80 years. It’s just down the road from Chris Boardman’s home town of Hoylake, and his Tour de France Yellow Jerseys is on display in the cafe. It’s then south and east to take a more southerly route via Micke Trafford and Great Budworth (for a welcome pause at the Ice Cream Farm) before skirting south of Knutsford to head back into Cheadle.

First indications are that it was an eventful day when Michael V tweeted “Tactical error at turn saw “Heroes” off back of leading group.  Navigation error also meant missed 10 miles off route & back too early.”  
Matt Dodworth felt it was a good day, but mentioned the group would be on ebay looking for replacement Garmins 
Tom Butler  happened to mention “On the run back to Cheadle I saw a dead deer a little too late and was forced to ride straight over it at speed. I just closed my eyes and hoped for the best”

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